Friday, October 30, 2009

Restaurant Owners Meet in Effort to Coordinate Winter Dining Options

Yesterday I attended a meeting at Stone Lion Inn, organized so the restaurant owners, who have year-round liquor licenses, could meet and inform each other of planned dates for winter closings. Wellfleetians are independent folks and, gazing at the scowling faces around the table, I realized Office of Tourism head Rex Peterson might have a tough time with this group. However, a nudge was necessary since bed & breakfast guests had to visit neighboring towns for fancy meals in December two years ago. It was great Selectman Ira Wood chose to attend because Ira has an easy charm and much credibility. Beside Rex sat Alex Hay, from the Economic Development Committee, a young man going places – this weekend up to Maine for his wedding! Alex has already played a major role in the economic development of Wellfleet, convincing Main Street shop owners to band together and form an association. Gradually the atmosphere lightened as Janet produced muffins and served coffee. Boris Villatte, of PB Boulangerie Bistro, present with his partner’s wife, Valeria, announced their restaurant would be open as soon as possible and all winter. Their upbeat attitude at doing business in Wellfleet floated around the room like bubbles from freshly-poured champagne. Lennie, of D’Italia's Pizza, suggested a display list and offered to create a poster that would show tourists what was open when. Carol, from The Bookstore, above, said a similar list of B&Bs would be helpful to restaurant owners. Both Janet and I felt a lot was accomplished. Here is the finalized list.