Friday, October 23, 2009

Cape Cool to Participate in Day of Climate Action

Judy, Harriet, Andrea, and Sophie represented Cape Cool on Uncle Tim’s Bridge this afternoon, holding signs that read 350 as a part of the worldwide effort to draw attention to global warming. The sky was gray, and a brisk wind blew cold ripples across the still water, as if Nature wanted to participate, too. Tomorrow, Oct. 24, a larger group will meet at Newcomb Hollow at eleven o'clock to spell Wellfleet’s 350, in the sand, I would imagine, and walk the same beach as one of our first naturalists, Henry Thoreau. Bill McGibben is organizing citizens in 170 countries, who will take part in the event, each in his/her own way. For a full description, click here. I typed in Wellfleet and located reference to Cape Cool’s WALK (or surf) WITH ME, HENRY. The 350 refers to 350 parts per million, the level scientists have identified as a safe upper limit for CO2 in earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, the current level is 387. There's a lot of work to do ….Join Cape Cool tomorrow!