Friday, March 23, 2012

Ten Lessons Learned over the Winter

On Tuesday, the Grub Street Blog published “The Magic of Finding Your Book,” a piece I wrote. Check it out. Now that I’m back home, time to reflect on what two and a half months of city living taught me:

1.) Commuting is no fun and more strenuous at almost 65.
2.) Proximity to a hospital is severely lacking on the Outer Cape, so it’s great expansion of Outer Cape Health Services will include urgent care facilities in its new building.
3.) I do more walking in the city.
4.) But walking a Wellfleet beach is more pleasant than walking city streets.
5.) A good small pizza costs twice as much money here.
6.) The city offers (much) more ethnic food.
7.) The silence of Wellfleet clears the mind and rests the soul.
8.) The movie selection leaves much to be desired.
9.) There’s more chance for an innkeeper of missing out on booking requests, left on a phone machine, for instance, while living in two places at once.
10.) I gain weight in the city, unable to resist Toscanini’s new flavor: Goat Cheese Brownie. Yum!