Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do You Eat Foods Containing GMOs?

GMOs are bad for you. Try to avoid eating them. Tough, you say? You'd be right. Because, at the present time, it's impossible to know which foods contain GMOs. You can be sure processed foods probably do. One way to avoid GMOs is to eat organic and local, because organic foods are not supposed to contain GMOs.

The good news is the huge number of Americans who signed the Just Label It petition have reason to hope: Just Label It organizers claim a new survey indicates 91% of the voters in American are in favor of labeling food that is genetically modified. The bad news? Read the whole truth on GMOs and weep.

Contribute to the "coming tipping point of consumer rejection." Follow these simple rules when you shop. Say NO to GMOs.

While in Cambridge, I found an organic granola that was new to me. What's more, it's local, made in Massachusetts and tastes yummy. Check out New England Natural Bakers. If your favorite food store does not carry this brand, ask the owner to order some. I'm taking the bag in to Wellfleet Marketplace and will report back what reaction I get.