Sunday, March 04, 2012

On The Road Again

After a wet weekend in Wellfleet, I'm back in the city, preparing for class tonight. Definitely not crazy about all this travel. Commuting is not for me. I have three stories to share:

1.) There have been fewer dolphin strandings over the past two weeks. Three dolphins were rescued in Brewster. That's it!

2.) Break-ins are on the rise. Chatham has been particularly targeted by thieves. One desperate thief stole all the copper pipes out of a rental cottage in Truro.

3.) The National Seashore intends to demolish the beach cottages, called "camps," on North Beach Island in Chatham. Legislators have been asked to intervene. The person who told me about the controversy was irate because there has been no request for public comment prior to the decision. Chatham Selectman Sean Summers decries Superintendent Price's tendency to act without taking into consideration the opinions of members of the local community, reports the Provincetown Banner. Other examples, mentioned in the article, include the future of the dune shacks in Provincetown and the decision to kill crows, which outraged many Wellfleetians two years ago.