Monday, March 12, 2012

Support Organic Management of Town Property

These lovely little blue flowers are coming up in front of Chez Sven. I used the cultivator to help them along right before Saturday's snowstorm, hard to believe with the thermometer hitting 60+ today! Tomorrow evening there's a Selectmen's meeting at the Wellfleet Library. Please seize this opportunity to let your voice be heard. Tell our Selectmen to choose organic land management for town property. Unfortunately, this item is towards the end of the meeting. If you are unable to attend, let the Select Board know what you think via email on bos AT That's what I just did. Here's my letter:

"I run a green B&B and was in charge of last year’s Green Sub-Committee of the Econ. Dev. Commission. Since I am not in Wellfleet tomorrow, I’m writing to urge you to adopt the Organic Land Management Policy for town property. This choice would help encourage townspeople to go organic and limit their use of herbicides, which pollute our sole-source aquifer. Every day new studies appear showing toxic chemicals in the environment may be responsible for the multitude of chronic illnesses people came to accept as normal during the last decades of the 20th century. For instance, the weed killer glyphosate is now believed to cause endocrine disruption in the developing fetus. Endocrine disruption may also be responsible for the dramatic increase in diabetes and the reproductive problems faced by young people of child-bearing age. Organophosphates may increase the risk of ADHD in children. Your choice to go organic will help protect Wellfleetians and raise their awareness on this very important issue. Thank you."