Friday, March 06, 2009

Winter on Cape Cod Makes the New York Times

It has been a frigid winter here in Wellfleet where inhabitants can easily get cabin fever when our dirt roads remain unplowed for more than a day or two. Yesterday Sven and I set out through the woods for our daily hike. How lucky we are to live in this beautiful little town, practically deserted eight months of the year! The neighbor's horses came over to the fence to greet us, surprised to see humans out and about. As we crunched along the icy path, I could not help but remember the words of Robert Frost: “Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though. He will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow.” The woods we were walking belong to everyone, since they are a part of the National Seashore, thanks to President Kennedy. “Lovely, dark, and deep.” And, empty, the perfect place for a retreat or getaway from life in the big city. Cape Cod is indeed very special in winter, as reported in today’s New York Times Travel section by Laura M. Holson whose article, entitled Sounds of Silence on Cape Cod I recommend.