Friday, March 20, 2009

The Pond Experience in the Off-Season

It was too windy at the ocean for a walk today so Sven and I went exploring down a path behind Great Pond. We have been to the abandoned (modern, belonging to the Seashore) house before and on to “Idle Hours” cottage, but not this early in spring. How frustrating to be unable to capture the beauty of Northeast Pond, still as a child huddled behind its mother. Unfortunately, branches blocked the view. A crisp breeze arose, and I could feel my cheeks turn rosy. Usually we approach Great Pond from the opposite bank. The sun was warm, the sand white as sun-bleached oyster shells, the water, so incredibly clear. We were both struck by the silence. There was no human being in sight. In summer, you would hear the occasional splash of an oar, or the gleeful cry of a child in the water, or the engine of a car high above on Cahoon Hollow Road. On this spring day, we were completely alone with nature, an experience we recommend.