Friday, March 13, 2009

Wellfleet Library Organizes Afterschool Homework Club

Upon entering the Wellfleet Public Library yesterday, my attention was drawn to the children’s room, which pulsated with an unusual energy and no wonder! It was 3:25 and the Homework Club was in full swing. A group of two dozen third to fifth graders chatted with friends, sought out books, or actually did homework under the watchful eye of Martha Gordon, children’s librarian, who described herself as “somewhat harried” that afternoon. A bus drops the kids off at 2:15. Most stay until four, but some remain longer, leaving around five. The mood was joyous. I noticed at least one young lady deep in a book, oblivious to the commotion around her. On Fridays, Ms. Gordon organizes creative activities for the group. When I stopped in today, the kids were dividing up roles in a play and reading aloud the dialogue. The Homework Club is yet another way our marvelous library shines in fulfilling its goal of service to the community.