Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Checking Out Wellfleet on Google

It's interesting to see what pops up when you Google WELLFLEET. The top entry is Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce, which makes sense. It provides lots of great information to folks who might be considering a visit. Second is the official town site, with numerous valuable links. Third is the Wikipedia entry, which deserves a read but needs updating, in my opinion. Fourth is Oysterfest. comes in fifth. The Drive-in Theater is next with info on local cinemas and the flea market. Seventh is the Web cam, which updates its harbor view every 30 minutes. In eighth place we find, a site that seems to have been created by the owner of a rental property on Gull Pond. Cyberrentals comes in ninth, and its placement emphasizes how many folks offer weekly rentals in our little town, with lots of people checking out the popular site at this time of year. Last, but not least, is the Beachcomber restaurant, which also offers a Web cam view, of the Atlantic Ocean this time. One of the recommendations which the Citizens’ Economic Development Committee will probably make to the Selectmen is the creation of a comprehensive site with links to various activities and a calendar, like the one offered by Provincetown. The in-town office may be located at Preservation Hall. (WPH is still raising money and welcomes your contributions. Renovation started last month.) Once that site is up, I bet it will quickly rise to the top of the Google list.