Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ducks (and Other Waterfowl) at Great Pond

This afternoon Sven convinced me to walk through the woods. Everywhere I looked, both at Great Pond and at Turtle Pond, waterfowl rose from the surface of the water with a great flapping of wings. What was different was my curiosity about what I was seeing. The ducks and various other flapping creatures had assumed new meaning earlier in the week after watching a nature film from Fish Productions, or rather half of the film. I still could not identify them, but now knew they all had different names. (We could only watch half because the phone kept ringing and the interruptions delayed our schedule. Since Obama was speaking that night, Tuesday, we switched off the DVD.) The film, third in a series of nature films about the Cape, is narrated by naturalist Peter Trull. Wild Cape Cod can be seen on Channel 17, Tuesdays at 7 pm, and we highly recommend it. (We are happy to share these fine films with guests. Just ask at check-in.) We are grateful to Fish Productions for having made Wild Cape Cod available to us here at Chez Sven. I will never look at a duck the same way again.

(Summary of the EDC is for tomorrow ....)