Thursday, March 05, 2009

Getting the Thrift-Shop Attitude

With the economic downturn, thrift shops have become more popular than ever. Fortunately, donations also seem to stream in, at least here on the Cape. A popular shop in Barnstable, however, has become a casualty of the recession and is closing its doors. Items are to be sold off Friday and Saturday. For more information, go here. Today I did some thrift-shopping in Orleans with a non-resident neighbor, who wanted to pick up a few things to make her house more attractive to summer tenants. First I showed her The Orleans Stock Exchange on Cove Road. Sandy, the gracious hostess, always has lots of fabulous one-of-a-kind items in her thrift-consignment shop, even stuff hanging from the rafters. We browsed but my friend did not find her heart’s desire. Then we went to the thrift shop behind Snow’s. It was fill-a-paper-bag-day. So, I filled a paper bag for $3, but she found nothing, not even a little something to add to my bag. Next on our list was the Community Exchange. The ladies who volunteer told us many of their members have not yet returned from Florida, so the choice was still limited. I found a nightgown with its original tag still on for $8. My friend almost bought a book. Then, we crossed Main Street to the Hope Chest, which had a 75% off-all-clothing sale. I got three items. You guessed it. She did not find anything. I decided she did not yet have the thrift-shop attitude. On the way home, we went to the Bird Watcher’s General Store. My friend bought a lamp for $30. “It would have probably cost $25 at that last place,” she said. I could only agree. Thrift-shopping must be an acquired taste.