Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This Place We Love the Most

Message from Janet: “Yesterday, after reading many of your past blog entries, I set off with my husband, David, and our CCNS topo map to find Dyer Pond. It took a lot of driving, and we got there the hard way, but I think we found it at last. So peaceful! It was snowing big, wet flakes. We took a dirt road next to Great Pond, and very slowly and carefully circled the area. When we came out afterwards very close to Long Pond, we knew that it would have been easier to get there from that side. And next time we will walk! We've been living in North Eastham for ten years today. We're so grateful to live here, but wish that we had washed ashore a little further to the north, in Wellfleet. We like the idea of a green B&B, and although we aren't experts on such things, we're learning. I have an environmental studies background, and work for Eastern National's NE regional office (national parks bookstores). David hopes to retire and concentrate on videography, his big hobby. His local access show called Fish TV, features mostly nature topics. Recently he has been working with Peter Trull on the first few of a series of Wild Cape Cod shows. So far they are turning out well. One last thing: your pictures are wonderful! I've just started using a Canon Powershot. It sounds like you have a Canon Powershot as well. I'm still learning to use mine, as I'm not good at following instruction manuals; I'm not that patient. But I love using it, and have had a lot of fun sharing my pictures. One of my sunrise beach shots was on the cover of our Eastern National annual report this year, and that was fun.”

I asked Janet if it was all right to share her note with other blog readers and she said yes. I was thrilled to hear from her, especially because just the other day Sven called me in to see the end of a great nature program about Cape Cod, the one she mentions above, which is on Tuesdays, 7 pm, Channel 17 but does not yet have a Web site. (For more info, Google Wild Cape Cod.) I am never available in the morning for sunrise shots of the Atlantic, so here is the one she sent me. I love the way the light brings out the colors. I have discovered it's hard to get the horizon straight, for instance, in this photo taken from the Newcomb Hollow parking lot. The sea, of course, isn't crooked, but if the photographer is on a surface that is not straight or lines up the photo on an object that is not straight, the result is a crooked horizon. Neither Janet nor I are professionals, but we enjoy sharing the beauty of this place we love the most.