Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trip to Hyannis Yields Nice Surprise

Usually I expound here upon the advantages of living in Wellfleet, and there are many, including the possibility of going down to the sea on a moment's notice. The main disadvantage, in my opinion, is the obligation to travel to Hyannis for doctor's appointments with specialists. We try to schedule trips in late winter and early spring, before Route 6 fills with traffic. While in Hyannis, we always go to one of our favorite shops. I never cease to be amazed by the money one can save shopping there for quality organic products. When we returned to our car today, there was a nice surprise on the windshield. Someone had written us a friendly note. I picked it off and read to my husband, "Hello, Chez Sven! It's Susan from Trout Towers. It must be blogger day @ Trader Joe's!" Susan had noticed our Chez Sven bumper sticker which says I LOVE WELLFLEET! (available, by the way, free upon request). The sales folk at Trader Joe's were all decked out in green for St. Patrick's Day. It seems amazing that spring begins Friday. Time to put away the mittens and down vests until next year. On the way home, I could tell tourists will soon be out in force because of the signs along the highway. One sign indicated that the lobster restaurant at the Brackett Road intersection in Eastham, just before Ben & Jerry's, has acquired a new name, Woody's, and will house yet another branch of Mac's Seafood.