Monday, March 23, 2009

Choosing a Photo of the Ocean

Today I decided to join another B&B website, since reservations for spring and fall are slow this year due to the recession. Everyone says more exposure is the way to go. I wanted to post a photo of the ocean with the write-up, and, in searching my photo file, realized how difficult the task of choosing would be. The ocean changes every day, with every tide, and looks different in spring, summer, fall and winter. Some people might be attracted to the ocean for swimming. Others like to come to the beach and sunbathe. Some folks bring surfboards or kites. Children make sandcastles. I finally decided that what makes the Atlantic beaches here in Wellfleet so extraordinary is the fact that they are deserted most of the time. It's even possible to walk way up the beach in summer and be completely alone. Sven and I love to explore deserted beaches, so I finally chose a photo that shows the beach, not the ocean. Here are two photos that I did not choose.