Monday, August 04, 2008

Which Welllfeet Beach to Choose?

When it comes to great beaches, Wellfleet, has many choices in summer. One of my favorites is Duck Harbor. I have had a lot of searches for Duck Harbor recently, so people must be realizing how beautiful that bay beach is with Provincetown in the distance. The ocean beaches all have their charm. If watching surfers is your thing, LeCount Hollow has become the surfers' beach of choice this year, to the distress of families with young children. My current guests have a National Seashore pass, so they go to Marconi. My guests this past weekend went to Cahoon Hollow where they saw a band from their native Texas put on quite a show at the Beachcomber. The folks in the cottage practically camped out at Cahoon Hollow. They love it there. Often people do not realize that a sticker is required to access Wellfleet's town beaches. It is possible to buy a day pass at two of them: White Crest and Cahoon. Sometimes there is fog at the ocean and so the bay becomes more attractive. Personally, I like the ocean at low tide and the bay at high tide. Power's Landing is a nice bay beach, not too far from town. It is colorful, too, with its row of kayaks. Which beach do you prefer?