Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blackfish and The Juice, Cont.

Tourists who come to Wellfleet need a nice place to stay – hopefully a bed & breakfast – for their morning meal, some sandwiches for lunch, and a good restaurant for dinner where they can enjoy an evening meal after a full day at the beach. Yesterday I reported on my visit to Blackfish in Truro. Sven has returned from Europe, so I decided to take him to The Juice, here in Wellfleet last night, to clarify my impressions of the two very different restaurants. Here are my conclusions. The ambiance at The Juice is more low-key. On weekends, there’s a live local band playing. Sven remarked on the building being “all angles.” Those angles have been put to good use. We sat in a corner and could actually have a conversation. Also located in a funky building, Blackfish is more upscale in terms of decoration. At The Juice, Sven had fish tacos and pronounced the dish “very good vegetarian food,” then added, “There was a nice balance between the hot, spicy sauce and the beans/rice.” (We had a vegetarian guest last June who raved about these same fish tacos.) Both The Juice and Blackfish serve organic greens. I guess I maintain my conclusions. You will probably spend more money at Blackfish. What’s more, if you are staying in Wellfleet, you must pay for gas back and forth to Truro. However, the presentation will be spectacular. The dining room will be noisy. Not so at The Juice. There are even tables outside. You need reservations at Blackfish. Not so at The Juice, although you may have to wait in line for dinner. The chefs at both restaurants know how to cook. At Blackfish, the chef simply has higher aspirations. Both are excellent places to dine while on vacation.