Friday, August 15, 2008

Lavender Wands: A Great Activity for Cloudy Days

The Grosso lavender in our garden has just bloomed. One of our guests noticed and asked if she might pick some stalks for lavender wands, destined to be waved by the members of her Girl Scout troop back home. I was delighted to say yes, since I need to prune the lavender back anyway. Her daughter presented me with one of the wands her mom had already woven. Our guest then proceeded to show me how to make lavender wands myself. It takes patience, obviously. And, time. Both of which are sorely lacking around here in mid-summer. Anyway, I watched as she skillfully made her first wand of the day. First, 13 stalks are trimmed of all but the lavender buds. Ribbon is tied around the 13 stalks, which must be green, not brown. They are then turned back upon themselves, as shown in the photo. Finally, the ribbon is interwoven with care and tied in a neat bow. What a great activity, especially on cloudy summer days! I cannot wait to teach my granddaughter! Thanks Susie & Rebekah!