Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weird Weather!

This morning I received a nice note from a guest who was here last month: "We really enjoyed our time at Chez Sven and will try to get back again soon. Meanwhile, I now feel comfortable recommending a place to stay in one of my favorite places on earth."... All our current guests scurried home when they saw the huge storm cloud forming on the horizon. Gradually the sky got darker and darker. Then the wind began, whipping the maple tree out front around and scattering green leaves all over the lawn. Finally, we had hail, quite unusual here on Cape Cod in summer, before heavy rain with thunder booming overhead. Once the storm was over, our guests went to Newcomb Hollow Beach for one last quick swim. They reported back that the beach was covered with hailstones, and access to the ocean felt "like walking on ice cubes."