Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twittering Away the Time at Chez Sven

My son installed a new gadget/service on my computer. When I notice blinking on the Twitter-screen, I write in a response to its question, "What are you doing?" There is a link from the first page of the Web site, which takes fellow twitterers to a list of all the things I have reported. After twittering for over a month, it has occurred to me that there is one activity which I seem to do the most often: wait for guests to arrive. Indeed, a lot of waiting does go into innkeeping. Guests come and go, but innkeepers often need to be home in order to receive new folks. Although I request an approximate arrival time, I always leave a wide window, since some people arrive early and others arrive late. Therefore, Sven and I do not get to the beach as often as we might like during the summer season. We must make do with guest reports, like this one: "There were a lot of surfers at LeCount Hollow, with the surf up."