Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cape Crusader?

This morning, as I was reading through the stats, I came across an unusual reference, so I clicked through and discovered a new
online site
dedicated to sustainable living. It featured Chez Sven on June 25. The writer did not bother to contact me, however, which is a shame. I would have provided a photo of our magnificent new green room and a press release! In any case, we are glad to have the publicity. We are not really Cape Crusaders. That's a great title, but not true. I wish we were. I simply do not have enough time to spread the word to other innkeepers on the Cape except through this blog because I have a second activity outside of innkeeping. My other "profession" is writing. Sven has been away in Sweden on his vacation, and I have used the two months to revise the first part of a new manuscript. He is coming home on Thursday and can hardly wait. His home in Stromstad is beautiful, but Wellfleet remains in a class by itself...