Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Reviews Controversy

There has been some controversy recently about bed & breakfast reviews. I received an email from ILOVEINNS.COM, requesting that we advise our guests NOT to send reviews to Trip Adviser. It seems this site belongs to, which promotes large hotels and also takes a sizable chunk out of every check a member receives from a referral, even if the bed & breakfast only has three rooms and is seasonal. Therefore, we quickly decided was not for us if we were to make a living in this industry and stopped our membership. Think corporation, monopoly, squeeze the small guy. All of the large bed & breakfast associations are trying to get innkeepers to request that their guests send in reviews, an imposition in my humble opinion. Guests, who have enjoyed their stay here, can sign the guestbook. We have four years of favorable comments on the Bookings page of our Web site, for anyone who may be interested in reading them. Some people write about the gardens, some favor the seclusion and birdsong in the morning. Our latest guests wrote such an unusual note, that I feel compelled to share it here: From Tim: “This is what you dream of when you think Cape Cod. This was quaint, well-kept and, most importantly, very friendly. Know that we plan on coming up again, if at all possible. From Caroline: “What a delight! What wonderful people at Chez Sven! I believe Sven said something like ‘nice to see you,’ and instead of thinking about how he meant ‘meet,’ I thought, Ah, yes, nice to see you (again) since really we are only brothers and sisters whose sons knew each other before and are seeing each other once again.” And the couple signed their notes with hearts. Happy guests mean we must be doing something right ….