Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Documentary on Lyme Disease & Great Pond

Yesterday our Liberty Coin Suite guests did more in one day than most tourists manage in a week. There is so much to see and do in Wellfleet! Their favorite pond seems to be Great Pond. They actually walked around Great Pond yesterday. When Sven and I did the same thing a number of years ago, I remember walking in the water at times. The woods around Great Pond are amazingly beautiful in September. Here is a photo taken last year once the leaves had begun to turn. What you see is beautiful red leaves. What you don't see are all the ticks in the tall grass. Yes, the woods of Wellfleet have deer ticks. I always warn my guests to wear bug spray and to be vigilant, checking their bodies before sleep. Getting Lyme can be traumatic. Getting doctors to provide correct treatment early on is critical if one is to avoid chronic Lyme. Here, at last, is a documentary on Lyme Disease: "Under Our Skin". Please help spread the word about this new film. I have written five letters to Oprah to try and interest her in educating the world about Lyme, but not one response have I received thus far. I am convinced that consulting an infectious diseases doctor, who was a friend, saved me from chronic Lyme. His warning ("Since there was a delay in the diagnosis, I recommend six to eight weeks of antibiotics") made me insist local doctors prescribe more than the usual two to three weeks.