Friday, August 08, 2008

Dining out in Wellfleet (Truro): The Blackfish

For almost a year I have been wanting to go to the Blackfish restaurant located in the old Blacksmith Shop, just outside Truro center. This week I had my chance and was not disappointed. The d├ęcor is pleasing and unusual. (Note the cut-out fish on the door!) Blackfish is an excellent place to dine. Our appetizers of heirloom tomatoes were yummy. The presentation was so extraordinary that we all kept craning our necks to see what other guests were being served. I had one of the specials – grilled bass with fingerling potatoes, served on a bed of leeks. The sauce was light, the fish cooked to perfection. (How did it compare with the grilled bass special at The Juice last month? Sophistication? Combination of flavors? Price? Probably all three.) My hostess had the sole, which was also good. For dessert, chocolate cake with homemade coffee ice cream. The dessert was so tasty that the waitress took a clean plate back to the kitchen. I was especially struck by the efficiency of the waitresses, totally with it, calm and collected in a hectic environment. The room was full, and the only caveat that needs mentioning was the noise. As is the case with many of the local restaurants, owners do not seem to think of soundproofing dining areas during renovation. Reservations are a must here. The Blackfish belongs to Eric Jansen, of Wicked Oyster fame. He definitely knows how to create meals that are an experience to remember. Bravo!