Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wet Days in Wellfleet!

After weeks of beautiful weather, the rains came. It is pouring outside. The water is good for the garden but means fewer guests on Cape Cod. We had two couples considering Liberty Coin Suite earlier in the week. The weather must have helped them make up their minds because I did not hear back. Seagull Cottage is booked, however. It is always nice to hunker down inside and watch a DVD in front of a cozy fire! Our guests do not seem at all put out by the rain, enjoying a weekend away from the kids. Once the showers do let up, a walk on the beach can be a dramatic experience when cloaked in mist. Sven & I have been many times and recommend it.

And now a special word to our regular readers. You will be interested to know that Cape Cod View magazine will feature Wellfleet Chezsven Blog in its CLICK column this July. I am thrilled. Any regulars who would like to share their fondness for the blog with other car-owners, please let me know by email. I will be glad to drop a bumper sticker in the mail pronto.