Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wellfleet, Cape Cod's #1 Holiday Destination

Wellfleet is a great place for a holiday. May means June is right around the corner, with summer waiting in the wings. If you do not yet have accommodation, Seagull Cottage has one week in June left – 10-16. Thanks to the availability calendar on our Web site, it is possible for guests to tell at a glance whether staying at our green bed & breakfast is an option. Why spend a week in Wellfleet? It is the most beautiful town on Cape Cod. The Atlantic Ocean can be totally mesmerizing, as the photo to the right suggests. Our charming former fishing village is located only two hours from Logan Airport. With four beaches on the ocean, and three on the bay, summer visitors have ample opportunity to enjoy the sun and surf. The photo at the top shows Duck Harbor, where the colors shimmer, a reminder that Cape Cod light has always attracted artists to Provincetown, twenty minutes away by car. One of the best things about Wellfleet is the variety of marvelous vistas to discover. Here a young lady surveys one of our beaches from a parking lot. Over at the harbor, tourists can watch shellfishermen at low tide, as they collect oysters out on the flats. Those oysters are on the menu in all of the town’s restaurants. Wellfleet is also known for its art galleries. On Saturday evenings, visitors can stroll from gallery to gallery, participating in openings, or explore the weather-shingled shops in search of the perfect souvenir to take home. Spend a day at the flea market, held in the parking lot of one of the last real drive-in movie theatres in America. Wellfleet even offers Wednesday night square dancing on the pier, a finger-snapping experience children will never forget. May also means the garden centers will soon brim with flowers. I already purchased this basket of pansies for Seagull Cottage. Couldn’t resist! Flowers make all the difference.