Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mac's Shack Spices Up the Waterfront

For Mother’s Day, Sven took me to eat at Mac’s Shack on Commercial Street, open for business since last Thursday. Alex Hay greeted us at the door beside a most impressive new edifice, a copper-lined bar. Inside the restaurant, copper-covered tables and real chairs have replaced the benches and picnic tables that were one last reminder of the interior of the Bayside Lobster Hutt. The menu has been updated, too. Mac’s continues to offer a wide variety of dishes, but the Thai-influence has become more prominent. Customers can also order from a separate sushi menu. My seared tofu with green mango was exquisite and reasonable priced. Alex explained that the mango is julienned on site. Details of full prep for an evening meal require seven pages. Staff members rise at the crack of dawn to accomplish all that needs to be done. Sven enjoyed his pan-fried flounder with its almond crust. Real flowers decorated our table. Some lucky diners can even eat outside, weather permitting, because the one drawback of Mac’s Shack remains the noise. It is a pleasure to observe what Mac and Alex Hay have been able to accomplish over the years, giving the Lower Cape two excellent restaurants and three fish markets. Tracy Harmon Hay was even in with Bella and Lilly, who sat enjoying French fries with Ketchup, also available. A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day!