Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A May Day in the Life

The beautiful weather this week has been a just reward for guests who chose our green bed & breakfast in May. We had honeymooners in the cottage, who spent a full day at the beach. Sven helped me wash sheets since more guests arrive this evening. The sheets hang out in the yard now, billowing in the breeze. I have been so busy with the manuscript for my book, based on my other blog, By Bea’s Bedside, that I must admit I have fallen behind. A glance out my window shows the grass is too long, the garden needs mulch, and the flagstone access to Seagull Cottage must be reconfigured. Sick with stomach flu, I answer emails and phone calls from bed and turn away a party of three, by mistake! I wander into the kitchen for a cup of Rishi organic tangerine botanicals, an herb tea discovered when cottage guests left a canister last fall, perfect for our bed & breakfast. What’s more, Sven and I have personal guests this week. Elin and Alex (above with Sven) live in New York City. She is from Sweden, and was a former student of Sven’s at the Lyce√© International. It has been fun showing them Wellfleet. Sven took them for a walk, and Elin actually swam in Dyer Pond. Tonight they are going to Moby Dick's, already open for business. As for me, I'm going back to bed!