Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring, at Wellfleet's Dyer Pond

Chez Sven is within easy walking distance of Dyer Pond. My children used to love swimming there in the 1970s and 1980s. The pond was relatively secret back then. Oh, natives knew about its beauty. And summer folk always made the trek through the woods to its shore. More and more people learned of Dyer Pond's existence. Then, a few years ago, some New York Times Travel reporter had the bright idea of sharing the secret with the world. Dyer Pond is deserted no more. In summer, busloads of tourists …. No, no. Just kidding. Buses could not access Dyer Pond over Forrest Lane, too narrow and bumpy!

Spring, at Dyer Pond, is a wonderful season. There are only three houses on the pond and all are still empty. Here is a spot worthy of verbal coverage by Robert Finch on Cape and Islands NPR. Nature with a capital N is happening here. Tiny leaves and ferns unfold. Turtles come out to sunbathe. Wild birds pause to take in the silence ... If you are looking for peace, come enjoy Wellfleet's Dyer Pond in its spring glory. You'll be glad you did …