Saturday, May 12, 2007

Building Boom!

Visitors to Wellfleet this spring will notice several major changes to the landscape as they drive down Route 6. First, on the right, the Consider the Lilies garden center has disappeared. In its place stands a large white and green structure that belongs to Shepley Lumber and will become the number one destination for contractors on the Lower Cape. Here busy workers are shingling the darling shack that has been erected in the yard. Proceed a bit further, and WHAT's new Julie Harris Stage, which has most of its marble siding in place now, rises to your left, beside the post office building. Keep going down the road and through the traffic light direction P-town, past Seamen’s Bank and up the incline to the next intersection. The corner lot, which used to contain the Yum Yum Tree, then Gutsy Benders’, is empty except for three trees, which have been saved through someone’s forethought. This is the site of Wellfleet’s new fire station.