Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cape Codders Protest at Pilgrim and Get Arrested

Femke Rosenbaum attended the protest at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth today and submitted this report:
“It was powerful. There were a lot of older people, as well as younger ones. I was really struck by the age of so many of the participants, there on behalf of their grandchildren. Everyone gathered across from the access. They made a circle and people spoke. I heard amazing stuff. A man named David Agnew read a letter. They tried to get the guards to take it. The guards said to put the letter in the mail. There were police standing around. When the protesters started going through an opening in the fence, in order to deliver the letter, the police started arresting them, handcuffing them. I wasn’t prepared for that. It was another level of activism. There were from 50 to 75 protesters. Their speeches were impassioned. It was a wonderful start. People need to wake up. I heard one nurse say that we had better all get those iodine tablets. There is no viable evacuation route. Here on Cape Cod, you stay put and get irradiated in case of an accident. This movement can only grow. They are damaging the environment in a terrible way. And, like so many monkeys, we let this happen.” You can read more about the protest in the Plymouth Daily News. UPDATE: The protesters made the Cape Cod Times Tuesday morning.