Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thousands Remain Without Power On Outer Cape

After the power returned at 2 am Monday morning and the wind had died down, two locust trees along Old King's Highway cracked in two and pieces fell onto the electric wires. We have been without power ever since. No power means no electricity, no water pump, no Internet. The library is also without power, so no using computers there, either. Fortunately, our neighbors Peter and Femke invited me in to use their computer. They were among the lucky few who did not lose power. Today Sven and I are hauling water from the fire station, which provides drinking water, as well as water to flush toilets. I am also watering the flowers because Irene brought high wind to Cape Cod but no rain. The utility company sent out tree trimmers today. We hope the wires will be fixed in a day or two. In any case, the promise is "before September 3." This hurricane missed Cape Cod. Hate to think what the situation would have been had Irene made landfall here!

Note: Power back as of 2 pm. Will write up the full experience for a future post.