Monday, August 01, 2011

In Praise of Paul

Paul Boutin is marvelous. It is not often that a mom gets to write a tribute to her son, but here we go. I’m doing it because he deserves praise for Chez Sven’s exceptional Web site. Tourists come to Wellfleet for the beaches, but guests come to Chez Sven because of our Web site. It is phenomenal. And, so is he. When I ask him to add something, he complies with grace. Now, a father of two young children is often busy, but Paul does his best to help us out whenever he has the time. He never says no. What's more, this is the second Web site he has designed for Chez Sven.

When I first saw the design for a new site about a year ago, I scratched my head. I’m not as modern as my son. A photo gallery that rotates? Unusual. That was back then. Now everyone wants one, or has one. Paul is avant garde. He knows what will succeed and does it before anyone else. He has his finger on the pulse of modern life, and I have learned to trust his judgment. That trust has never been misplaced.

The specific reason for this post is his recent update to our Web site, so do check it out. Chez Sven was mentioned in the July issue of Cape Cod View. Now Web site visitors and potential guests can click through to the article and read why our bed & breakfast is so “down to earth.” Thank you, Paul!