Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wellfleet Selectmen Okay Green Task Force Proposal

Have you ever been to a Selectmen’s meeting? It’s a strange beast. We can now watch the bi-weekly meetings on our local channel. Or, you can attend. The photo above, taken from the back of the room by Stephanie Stiavetti, gives an idea of what the scene was like. People get up and talk. They are nervous or not. The Selectmen listen and try to make decisions that are good for our town. Unfortunately, I was in a class during the meeting on Tuesday, so I asked Lydia Vivante to report back. She presented for the Green Task Force (thank you, Lydia!) and wrote me afterward:

“I went through the 5-point proposal at a pretty fast clip. Tracey Hunt was great and tied in her experiences as a commercial-district business-owner to things that had come up earlier in the evening, specifically parking issues in the Town Center: ie. 'Have problems with Main Street parking issues? Encourage your staff [and others] to carpool, walk or bike to work.' Dale Donovan was especially supportive of the Green Conferences idea.” (Go, Dale!) “I made sure to ask for a Green Commitment from the Selectmen to implement the proposal. Ira Wood was supportive and gave the board’s ‘blessing’ but did ask for more specifics. A public educational program is also needed,” (which is the workshops-part of the proposal).

The Green Communities Act had been discussed earlier in the meeting. "This is a real opportunity for the town,” Town Administrator Paul Sieloff declared.

For details on these new developments, I suggest the Banner.