Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dyer Pond Sunset

Today I went for a walk up to Dyer Pond. I've been reading a lot the past few days, and today I felt the need to get out and walk a bit. So I grabbed Sandy's handy-dandy directions to the pond and set to hoof'in it.

The weather today was perfect for a quick hike. Not much wind to speak of, nor any falling snow or rain. The sky was a gorgeous clear, pale blue, shining in the cold air. I met a nice dog along the way named Lucy, and her owner, Michelle, was bundled up to her eyeballs, as I was. All three of us were loving the cold air on our noses, which for Michelle and I were the only parts of our bodies exposed to the cold.

The pond is frozen in the middle, though the ice is melting along the banks so that you can see the frozen layer rise and fall in the gentle current. Footprints and bike tracks (!) leading across the surface alluded to the fact that someone had recently traversed the ice, which blew me away! I live in fear of falling through a frozen body of water, and honestly, that ice out there didn't look thick enough to bear the weight of a person, let alone several. Yikes!

Tomorrow I'm thinking I might head into Orleans to get some coffee at The Hot Chocolate Sparrow. At home in California, I spend a great deal of time in coffee shops, where I work, read, write, and just generally relax. I'm really enjoying my time in Wellfleet, but I wish there were a cafe within walking distance right now!