Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update from Boston ...

Sven and I have settled into a more sedentary life in Boston at last, and I hope to start working on some of my writing projects now. I attended my first session at Grub Street yesterday evening and was highly impressed. The fiction class is taught by Scott Heim. Feels like I may get a lot accomplished and learn how to write a novel ...

We traveled back to Wellfleet over the weekend, in order to show Stephanie around. The pier was covered with ice, and a frigid wind off the harbor made walking Mayo Beach impossible. We treated her to some oysters, drove up to Provincetown, walked to Dyer Pond. As you can see from yesterday's post, we are all going to have fun with Stephanie at the keyboard. I look forward to her discovery of our marvelous little town. (Stephanie continues to write her own blog, too, and yesterday described how to store carrots, and yes, over the weekend I made carrot sticks, which we ate while waiting for the oysters!)

I had another reason for being in Wellfleet: an important Economic Development Committee meeting. On the agenda, a proposal explaining how going green could be of economic benefit, with specific suggestions, as requested by Sam Bradford of the Finance Committee in late November. Lydia Vivante, chair of the Recycling Commission, sat beside me to offer moral support. I'm glad to report the proposal was accepted. Lydia and Sarah James, another member of the Green Task Force, will present the proposal to the Selectmen on January 25. Here are the five talking points:

1.) Development of the Eco-Expo in May as a town-wide weekend event.

2.) Green workshops where Wellfleet experts would volunteer to share their knowledge on everything from green cleaning or landscaping to foraging and how to obtain a micro-loan for a green business, keeping chickens to green building/weatherization techniques and the risk toxic chemicals pose to our environment.

3.) The creation of micro-loans to develop green enterprise in Wellfleet. (Lydia suggested taxpayers could opt to contribute a dollar on their tax bill.)

4.) A town-wide effort to reduce solid waste. (Wellfleet recycles 30% now and the Recycling Commission’s goal is 60%. A Green Commitment by the Selectmen would help realize this goal.)

5.) Wellfleet as a site for a green conference, of which there are many, in a month when accommodation and restaurants are available, say April, May, or September.