Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I was lucky enough to have visitors this past weekend! Sandy and Sven came back for a night, and my dear friend Casey came out with her husband Dan. We all had a great time eating, drinking, and watching movies. I was sad to see everyone go all at once.

And as soon as company left, the temperatures plummeted. This week there have been record lows here in Wellfleet, which means I haven't been venturing out much. I took the above photo Sunday night on my walk back from the market - I was struck by the way the colors of the sunset bounced off the frozen marshland. Truly, it was freezing out.

So, in the spirit of these low temperatures, I'm going to start a list: Top 5 things to do when the temperatures dip into the single digits (or lower!).
  1. Play Bananagrams

  2. Curl up with a blanket and watch movies while sipping herbal tea

  3. Do laundry to keep your pipes from freezing up

  4. Read a good book

  5. Make soup!

What do you do with your days when it's too cold to go outside? What do you consider too cold?