Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Mellow Week

This week has been very mellow for me. The rain has kept me indoors the past few days, but I have noticed that the snow is melting away, which makes it easier to walk around without slipping. I've been taking the bus a few places, mostly to Orleans to sit at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow to read and write, and I've noticed something here that I've never seen anywhere else in the country:

1 - You can flag the Flex bus down wherever you want in town, and it will stop for you.
2 - If you call ahead of time, you can get the Flex bus to take you off the beaten path, as long as it's not more than .75 miles from the regular route.

This is fascinating for a big city girl like me, who is used to bus drivers who wouldn't take the time to spit on you, let alone go out of their way to help you. The bus drivers are so nice -- in fact, Grace, who drives the bus that picks up in Orleans at 6:30pm, loaned me a flashlight tonight so that I'd be able to find my way home from the main road. Turns out the bus won't fit down this old dirt road where I'm staying. Don't ask me how we know that. That was not a particularly good experience, for me, the bus, or the bus driver.

I've also made a new friend, Laura Kelley. She's a wonderful lady, and we have a lot in in common! Tomorrow my friends Casey and Dan are coming up from New Jersey to check out the area. Funny how I went to from being completely alone to having a social calendar!

I hope you're all staying warm and preparing for the cold weather that's blowing in this weekend...