Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missing Wellfleet ...

Okay, I admit it: I miss the ocean. Sometimes, when it's too cold to walk, Sven and I will simply sit in our car and look at the beautiful mass of blue on the horizon. We are often not alone. Many pick-ups would stand idling at the far end of the LeCount Hollow parking lot, before the fence was removed by a winter storm. But now we are on vacation, breathing in diesel fumes, rather than salt air, as we walk up Massachusetts Avenue to run errands. I've noticed one is more apt to walk here than on Cape Cod, even long distances. If you take a car, you have to park it. Not so easy in the city.

I have been getting a lot of good work done but miss our pretty little town. I will not be at the Selectmen's meeting on Tuesday, because one of my writing classes meets that evening. The Green Task Force's proposal to the Economic Development Committee will be put before the Selectmen by Lydia Vivante, chair of the Recycling Commission. If you can, please attend the meeting Tuesday, January 25, and support our town's going green!

Do you miss your home town when you spend time away?