Thursday, January 27, 2011

Struggle to Protect Cape Drinking Water Continues ...

As the end of January approaches, the sun is setting on the window of opportunity to stop the utility company from polluting our sole source aquifer. Today I wrote a letter to the Boston Globe. My neighbor, Femke Rosenbaum, is getting creative with banners and she does not even live in Wellfleet year-round. Non-residents can support our cause, too.

Have you called your legislators yet about the regulation of toxic chemicals in the environment? If not, please do so now.

How can regular citizens like you and me take action to protect our drinking water? By spreading the word. Let your friends know how important this issue is.

Call NStar and say, "Mow Don't Spray, Cape Cod!"

Check out Laura Kelley's latest video, produced by Cape Cod Cast TV. The video is being broadcast four times a day on Yarmouth Community TV in January and will be shown up to 200 times a day on other local channels, staring in February: