Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cooking with Tamar and Kevin

Today was an epic day - I was visited by Tamar Haspel and her husband Kevin, who brought with them huge bounty of shellfish. We're talking a boat-load of clams and oysters, for which I am eternally grateful.

If you're not familiar with Tamar, you should be. She blogs over at Starving Off the Land, where she talks about her and Kevin's move from Manhattan to Cape Cod, where they now raise oysters and keep a bevy of farm animals. If you're interested in the adventures of two people who are extremely passionate about knowing where their food comes from, you should read their blog.

With the shellfish they brought today, Tamar prepared one of her favorite clam recipes: Goan Clams. This dish is incredibly rich and flavorful, using some of my favorite Indian spices, cumin and coriander. I'm a big fan of pungent spices, and I can't recommend this dish enough. I'll be dreaming of today's lunch for the next few weeks, that's for sure.

Thanks, Tamar and Kevin! I really enjoyed your company today and I'm looking forward to further adventuring. :)