Thursday, December 03, 2009

Wellfleet Shop Open Thursday through Sunday

Weekend visitors will find our new downtown water delivery system has closed certain roads and makes travel bumpy on hastily repaired Main Street. Yesterday, hardly any shops were open. Today, to my amazement, a flurry of OPEN signs had sprung up, displayed on lawns. Some pedestrians, indeed, were out shopping. I thought a quick correction was in order, and so voila, here it is: come shop in Wellfleet! I explored 25 Bank Street where everything is on sale and resisted numerous bargains. Several items seemed almost sticky, they were so ready to follow me home, for instance, these recycled wool rugs, which would fit our cottage perfectly. First I need Sven’s approval, and he is feeling under the weather (for an explanation of this idiom, go here). From Periwinkle’s second-floor window, there’s an unexpected view of town hall, all spruced up for the holiday. 25 Bank Street is open Thursday through Sunday. It's a two-fer day at Chezsven Blog, so don't forget to read my suggestions on Wellfleet gifts, posted earlier.