Saturday, December 26, 2009

Local Businesses Deserve Our Support

“We are in Leesburg on the property of a friend who is a professional photographer, our own personal version of economic stimulus. I read somewhere that if you would be sad if a small business weren't there, you should make it a point to support them right now ...” So emailed a former guest to explain the lovely photograph she had chosen as a Christmas card after my request for more information. I adhere to the same philosophy and indeed tried to do as much holiday shopping as possible in Wellfleet. The only exception was a present for my son, who received a basket of goodies from Dancing Deer, a small business in Boston and my source for yummy pumpkin/maple coffee cake.

Another local business, worthy of support, the Wellfleet Wine Cellar, which has been holding art shows with wine tastings every Friday this fall. Owners Rob and Tom have started their annual end-of-year super sale. I went in this week and picked up a couple bottles of wine at 25% off. If you are in the area, check out the Wellfleet Wine Cellar, through January 15.

And, for this evening, how about a night at the theater? View an exclusive screening of "Jimmy Tingle's American Dream," followed by a live performance by the comedian himself. Eighty seats are still available and cost only $18. Here's an easy way to support theater in Wellfleet. Book your tickets now!