Monday, December 21, 2009

Innkeepers’ Fridge: Got Milk?

Every innkeeper’s refrigerator is bound to contain at least two quarts of milk: soy and conventional, or organic. Here at Chez Sven we offer guests organic. Today I started rethinking soymilk choices after a holiday-greeting phone call from Sheri Gibbs, green innkeeper extraordinaire, in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, whom I have written about in the past. The bad news is that Sheri has closed her inn. The good news? She’s writing a book about green innkeeping and healthy eating. Sheri is a breast cancer survivor and has much knowledge to share. The message of her book will be to beware of what you eat or drink and what you spray into the air you breathe. If the substance contains chemicals, those chemicals will get into your body and can wreck havoc. Sheri says breast cancer survivors should stay away from soy products altogether because they are basically plant estrogen. Check out this information from an Organic Consumers Association article by Mark Kastel, Co-director of The Cornucopia Institute, about Silk, a brand of soymilk I once USED to buy for guests who are lactose-intolerant, because it has a cool name and I didn’t know any better. For a list of which soy products are the least offensive, go here. For those of you who drink milk instead of soymilk, be sure it’s organic. has rated different organic dairies, too. Check the rating of your favorite organic milk and yogurt here.