Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charitable Giving with Wellfleet in Mind

A reader requested a photo of the welcome rowboat earlier this year, but flowers over the summer lacked pizazz. Someone did plant chrysanthemums for fall, which looked quite nice, but every time I drove past, I was camera-less. Then yesterday I noticed a new arrangement of red-berried branches for winter and fortunately had the camera with me, on my way back from photographing Santa, in his boat, on Route 6.

December is a tough month for innkeepers. Money is flowing out for the holidays, with little or no incoming flow to match. First off, no one wants to travel right after Thanksgiving. “Dead week” is deemed so un-inviting to tourists that innkeeping associations even suggest spectacular promotions. Here at Chez Sven, we might as well call it “dead month.” Things have been very quiet, although reservations for early summer are picking up. I was hoping for guests for Deck This Hall, but not one booking did we make. Today I finished my Christmas shopping and, after the credit card bill arrived, mentally turned my coin purse inside out, finding it empty. How fortunate that Chez Sven supports non-profits and charities at other, more flush, times of the year! I have tried to donate as locally as possible in 2009. If you still have a budget available for this type of thing and feel a connection to Wellfleet, consider a donation to one or more of the following organizations:

Wellfleet Preservation Hall, Wellfleet’s future community center, still needs our support, so give generously.

Cape Cod Modern House Trust is not only seeking funds. The Trust hopes for donations of art and furnishings connected to mid 20th century modernism on the Outer Cape, which would allow recreation of environments in the renovated houses that give context to the architecture.

Outer Cape Health Services: Have a special friend who lives here? Consider “a tribute gift” which will demonstrate your caring and recognize “the importance of quality, compassionate health care.”

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod boasts four decades of environmental excellence.

Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro. Besides monetary support, Castle Hill accepts artwork for its annual auction.

Provincetown Fine Arts Center in Provincetown, a great way to help writers and artists.