Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thinking up Gifts While On a Commercial Street Walk

This morning the wind is howling, but yesterday I was able to get out for a walk down Commercial Street. It occurred to me that some readers might be looking for a gift connected to our sweet little town. (Wellfleet, by the way, for the benefit of Merrim, a new follower from Patagonia, is thought to be named after a place in England called Walflete, “long known for its distinctive and excellent oysters,” just one tidbit of local lore offered up by David Wright in The Famous Beds of Wellfleet, available through the Wellfleet Historical Society and an excellent gift.) Most of the town's shops were closed. I did find Audrey Parent, owner of the Left Bank Gallery, setting up miniature Christmas trees behind her picture windows. (The Left Bank Gallery blog explores the topic of gift giving here.) I also noted Jade Huber’s chocolate oysters are for sale at Wellfleet Marketplace. As I proceeded down Commercial Street, the alluring aroma of fresh pizza made me notice Town Pizza was open for business. At the bend in the road, I took a few photos of Uncle Tim’s Bridge, surely one of the town's most famous landmarks. Another must be the lobster, which David Wright explains was created by local artist Paul Suggs for the former Bayside Lobster Hutt, now Mac's Shack. I passed "the Shack," which reminded me that it’s possible to give a dozen real oysters through Mac’s online shop, which also sells T-shirts and hats. I must admit to having opted for a pink T-shirt, offered at Oysterfest by Lil Codders, for my granddaughter instead. This brand new Wellfleet company can be reached by email: Another Cape gift for the kiddies, a CD by The Elbows, $12.95. Pay a visit to Shelly Daly’s online shop for amazing jewelry crafted from Cape beach stones. (Shelly offers free shipping through December 31.) A last idea is to make your special Wellfleet fan an official friend of WHAT. For $50, the person who receives the gift gets annual newsletter, recognition in season playbills and a WHAT bumper sticker. How cool is that? (And you get the satisfaction of supporting our theater.)

My favorite Christmas gift, mentioned on Ronni Bennet’s blog, is the gift of time. We never think of time as something to give, and yet it makes perfect sense. Everyone has older family members who would appreciate a visit.

Yo, Wellfeet lovers and fellow Wellfleetians, out in Cyberspace. Have any suggestions of gifts connected to your favorite town?