Friday, December 11, 2009

Interview & Wellfleet Blues ...

Today I am being fêted over at A Traveler’s Library, so please go read Vera Marie Badertscher’s interview with me and learn something about my life before innkeeping. Chezsven has acquired so many new readers over the past two years that today I would like to thank everybody for following and do an instant replay of a post that took hours to create March 20, 2006 – which is why I now try to let words suffice, with a photo or two. I called this post Wellfleet Blues and still love the way it looks:

Blue ocean.

Blue sky.

Blue boat.

Blue tarp, yellow boat.

One blue canoe.

True Blue.

Blossom's blue bottles.


Blue litter on Route 6.

(Do we really need our newspapers delivered in plastic bags?)

Beautiful blue door at the former Catholic Church.

Blue welcome sign.