Monday, December 14, 2009

The Importance of Thank-you Notes (1)

Some innkeepers write thank-you notes to every guest following a visit. I try to send an annual generic greeting instead, since I do not have the time in season. Still the occasional hand-written note from a former guest has made me reconsider the value of personalized thank-you notes, especially in tough economic times. Take this note, for example, received after an October weekend:

“Thank you for your gracious hosting at your home in Wellfleet. Ernst, Gustav and I really cherished our time and have fond memories. I recently made the organic granola with dried cranberries, and it is the best. We hope to see you again. Warmest Regards, Toinette”

Such notes are quite rare, which is perhaps why it made such an impression. Should Toinette, Ernst and their son want to return in the new year, you can bet I'll remember them and give their request priority.

I was taught to write thank-you notes as a child. Now I have to feel enthusiastic about something or exceptionally touched to get out pen and paper in order to send a tangible token of appreciation. It's so much easier to whip off an email.

Do you ever write real thank-you notes?