Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Importance of Thank-you Notes (2)

Snowy days in Wellfleet! I walked into town yesterday. The sidewalks had not been cleared and the middle of Main Street was treacherous, what with the occasional four-wheel-drive car or pick-up barreling along. But I found it easy to hitch a ride up the hill to Wellfleet Marketplace. I then proceeded down to Commercial so I could take a photograph of Uncle Tim's Bridge in the snow. On this cold, cold day, I would like to bring up thank you notes again, since the topic received such a great response ten days ago. Thank-you notes make an impression, especially in this modern computer age when so few people think to write them. Sometimes really nice guests even write thank-you notes prior to departure. Here’s an example:

“When you walk through the arbor, you are in a magic place. Did you know Sandy is a garden fairy?” (a quote from Rebekah)

“Yes, that garden is a magic place to rest and recuperate. The brick pathways lead you on a wonderful adventure, chasing rabbits, butterflies, and daydreams. Everywhere you look there is a hidden surprise …. We enjoyed our stay at Chez Sven again this year. Thanks so much for everything you did to make it special – working around our food allergies, helping us contact the kayak tour group, loaning us extra fleece pullovers when it was cold, holding the door open as we ran in out of the rain, and feeding us samples of Sven’s wonderful Swedish meatballs. All of these are memories we will draw upon when we think of Chez Sven. We will miss this magic place until we can join you again next year.”

In buying a tree-free greeting card and writing this note, not only did our guest make an impression on me and Sven but she also set an example for her daughter, who learned the benefit of writing thank-you notes when she saw the expression on my face at reading the card. I regret that I did teach this lesson to my kids, as the habit seemed to be falling by the wayside in America when I was raising my children in the 70s and 80s.