Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which Wellfleet Beach Has No Incline & Other Matters

Sometimes I pick blog topics according to Internet searches, as recorded by my stat counter. Today I noticed WELLFLEET BEACH NO INCLINE and decided it was a timely topic, since one of our current guests is recovering from a reaction to antibiotics that left her partially handicapped. I actually tried to answer this question when she arrived to direct her towards a beach she could actually reach. Yes, there are handicapped parking spaces at all the town landings. Power’s Landing, on the bay, has no incline, although getting through the sand is like walking in marshmallow fluff: it really sucks at your feet. Here is my assessment of access on the Atlantic: Cahoon Hollow is the steepest; White Crest comes in second, then LeCount, which got steeper from erosion after a spring storm, and finally Newcomb, above. Our guest managed the descent and was pleasantly surprised that she did not have more trouble. Regular medicine has not been of much help, so she is using alternative medicine like acupuncture.

Our health care system is in drastic need of reform. I feel so embarrassed watching the screamers, who attend town meetings across America with the goal of disruption. I have decided to join a campaign initiated by Ronni Bennett and urge those of you who write blogs to consider adding your voice in defense of health care reform August 20th.

Do not forget Las Vegas Night, tomorrow, Thursday, August 13, to benefit Preservation Hall!

Finally, I received a call from Michael O'Connor, author of Discover Cape Cod, a great guide which I reviewed here last month. He was calling to thank me. At least two guests have already picked up their own copy. If you want one, too, Discover Cape Cod is available here.